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  • What Does It Cost?

    There is no cost! As one of our members once said, “You’ve paid your dues by having cancer.”

  • What If I Can’t Swim?

    Come to swim practices and learn! We have the best swim coaches in town who will help you conquer any fears you might have with respect to swimming.

  • If I Train With You, Do I Have To Do The Event?

    Not at all! Our primary goal is to get and keep you moving. While completing the triathlon is a worthy goal, it is secondary to the actual exercising.

  • What Level Of Fitness Is Expected?

    Our programs cater to all levels. We have participants who have never exercised before to those who have completed half-Ironman triathlons. We all move together, and have a great time doing so.

  • How Do I Join?

    Visit our Join Us page!

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